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For experienced business owners who are familiar with purchasing commercial real estate, or for the first-time buyer, a commercial real estate attorney is highly recommended to have ready to help. A real estate attorney is familiar with important information that can help you make a final decision about the property you are interested in purchasing or leasing.

Commercial real estate closings, sales and lease agreements have fewer laws and regulations, so a real estate lawyer should be available and present for all proceedings in the sale agreement to ensure that you are protected. The Jones Law Firm, P. A. is here to help guide and advise businesses with commercial real estate-related decisions throughout Greenville, Winterville, New Bern, Kinston, Washington, Morehead City, and Atlantic Beach, NC.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

They Will Handle Paperwork: With the many documents and forms necessary in finalizing a commercial sale, your commercial real estate attorney is ready to help sign contracts. They will also know how to proof documents for any potential issues. 

Negotiation Experience: Your real estate attorney will know how to negotiate a price down, or when to inform you of a price that is too good to be true. They will gather the necessary information to better understand the commercial building for sale, then present their negotiation to best accommodate the seller and the buyer.

Knowledge of Commercial Law: With an understanding of zoning laws and other laws and regulations involved in commercial law, an attorney will know how to spot violations in contracts before you sign them.

They Will Protect Your Rights, Interests, & Capital: Throughout the process, a commercial real estate attorney will have your best interest in mind, while ensuring that your rights remain intact, and your money is handled safely.

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The Jones Law Firm, P. A. commercial real estate attorneys are available in Greenville, Winterville, New Bern, Kinston, Washington, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, NC and beyond to offer legal representation and advice. We strive to protect your peace of mind and put your best interest first. Contact our office today to discuss your commercial real estate law needs!