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New Bern, NC is located next to the Neuse River and on the coast of North Carolina. New Bern is known for being the place of Pepsi’s invention in the 1890s, and its rich involvement in American history since 1710. The Jones Law Firm, P.A. has been proudly providing services to the Greenville and New Burn, NC areas for over 23 years.

The Jones Law Firm real estate and closing attorneys are here to help represent you for real estate transactions and land use or development-related issues. Throughout the real estate purchasing process, obstacles may arise suddenly. Our real estate attorney is here to help guide you in the right direction, providing insight and advice for both residential and commercial real estate inquiries.

If you have questions about building real estate and other land development projects, we can help with that, too! Land use and development requires an in-depth understanding of many laws and regulations, including on federal and state levels. The Jones Law Firm offers support throughout the initial planning, financial planning, and other stages of your project, regardless of its size.

We appreciate how complex the world of property law is and that most people do not have the capacity to adequately navigate it on their own. If you want to make sure your financial and legal well-being is protected during a real estate transaction or development project, it's crucial to work with a knowledgeable and experienced property law attorney. Problems can arise at any point of the process, whether it's disputes over property lines, zoning issues, or contract complications, but our dedicated team will be by your side to see to it that all important matters are handled correctly. We can assist you with everything from navigating approval procedures with your local government to drafting and reviewing contracts, thereby safeguarding your investment as well as avoiding any serious legal trouble. Let us put our deep understanding of property law to use for you today!

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