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Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Whether you are a sophisticated businessperson with significant real estate experience or a first-time homeowner, you can count on The Jones Law Firm, P.A. to be your closing attorney. We have been protecting the interests of Greenville, Winterville, Washington, New Bern, Kinston, Morehead City, and Atlantic Beach, NC residents during real estate closings for years.

During any real estate transaction, a multitude of unexpected issues can arise. Thus, in the process of obtaining a loan and reviewing a title, it is important to have an attorney present to deal with any potential issues. A lawyer will fully inform you of your options, advise you of any consequences, and protect your legal interests. Do not close a real estate transaction unprepared, contact us for a free initial consultation.

The main differences between commercial and residential real estate are clear. Commercial leases have fewer consumer protection laws, no standard forms, are generally long-term and more binding than real estate leases, and include more negotiation and flexibility in the contract. Our attorney helps you understand those main differences according to your particular needs and goals and helps you along the process.

Residential Real Estate Closings

The majority of our practice revolves around residential real estate closings, as evidenced by the thousands of clients who have sought our guidance over the years. At The Jones Law Firm, P.A., we understand that for many people, this is the biggest investment they will ever make. Therefore, we view it as our job to educate you about the process and to be there when issues arise. Please do not trust a settlement company or a broker with your home closing.

Make sure you understand what you are signing before going into a residential real estate closing. Our firm will review title insurance policies, inspect property titles, and examine closing documents. Before you sign anything, you should know the importance of each and every document involved in this significant transaction.

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Commercial Real Estate

Even an experienced businessperson should have an attorney representing them during a real estate transaction. At The Jones Law Firm, P.A., we represent businesses throughout North Carolina in commercial real estate closings, and land use/development projects. Our firm also protects the financial interests of lenders/mortgagees by providing highly-skilled representation in foreclosure proceedings.

Types of Leases

There are several types of leases, and it all depends on your needs. Net real estate leases are helpful when avoiding the hassles of constant maintenance. Full-service commercial real estate leases are for the tenant to cover base rent while the landlord covers everything else. And a gross lease is when a tenant pays a set amount periodically. Each lease has its pros and cons for both landlords and tenants, so make sure to ask your attorney what is right for you.

Your Rights

We understand that whether you're a commercial tenant or landlord, you want to understand your rights. Besides emergencies, landlords can enter into your business for maintenance and repairs, inspect the needs for repairs, allow potential future tenants to look at the property, and check to make sure that the tenant is not using hazardous substances in an unsafe manner. The main goal of the tenant is safety. Most importantly, the landlord's main goal is to make sure that things are safe for everyone involved. However, it's important to note two things: landlords should make the plans to visit a few days in advance, and you are also allowed to make adjustments and negotiations to make appropriate restrictions on visiting. But if you make those negotiations, make sure they're part of the lease contract.

Greenville, NC Real Estate Transactions Attorney

At The Jones Law Firm, P.A., we represent both first-time homeowners and successful businesses in real estate transactions and loan closings. It is vital that you have a dependable real estate lawyer by your side throughout this process to guide you in the right direction and to protect your interests. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation about your real estate deal. We represent clients in Greenville, Winterville, Washington, New Bern, Kinston, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, NC and throughout the state. Please contact us today for your consultation.