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Property Easements Explained

Your property is your own and you prize it. When you buy a property, you probably assume that no one else has a right to access it or use it. However, that is not always true. Property law is much more complex than the average person realizes. Things like liens, encumbrances, and easements are commonplace during the property buying and selling process. It is important to understand these things so you know what may affect your property in the future. In this blog post, we will discuss easements and what they are.

An easement is the legal right of someone other than the owner to access and use the property for a specified purpose. It is a non-possessory claim on the land, meaning that while they may be able to access and use the land, they have no ownership stake. Common easements include utility and conservation easements. Utility easements allow utility companies to access and use your land to do their job and provide utility services to those in your local area. Conservation easements are established to protect wildlife on land and limit residential, commercial, and industrial development. It is important to note that easements transfer with the sale of property.

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