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Resisting Arrest/Disorderly Conduct

North Carolina Resisting Arrest Attorneys

If you have been arrested for resisting arrest or disorderly conduct, you may feel that you were the victim of false arrest. Many times, people arrested for disorderly conduct or resisting arrest do not understand what they did to warrant an arrest.

Unlike other laws that are fairly clear cut, the crimes of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are very vague. All too often, police use disorderly conduct or resisting arrest charges to arrest someone they feel is not showing proper respect.

Often, people who are intoxicated are charged with these crimes because they are being too loud or boisterous. In some cases, people who asked too many questions or did not show immediate compliance are arrested.

What Are My Rights?

This is a question that many people have when they are arrested. Technically, you are required to follow most police orders. You are not required to answer questions, but you are not allowed to fight an arrest. If you were unduly loud and causing a scene, you may have committed the offense of disorderly conduct. But let an experienced defense attorney help you answer that question after an examination of the facts.

The key thing to understand is that an experienced defense attorney may be able to get your case dismissed, help you avoid a criminal record, or at least limit the penalties you face. Our law firm has represented many clients charged with disorderly conduct or resisting arrest. We can provide the experienced and aggressive representation you need if you have been arrested on disorderly conduct or resisting arrest charges in Greenville, Pitt County or the surrounding areas.

We have represented many college students from Pitt Community College and East Carolina University charged with alcohol and other student-related offenses, including disorderly conduct or resisting arrest.

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