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Marijuana Possession/Drug Paraphernalia

North Carolina Drug Paraphernalia Charges Attorneys

Drug charges of any kind are a serious matter. Even a misdemeanor marijuana charge or drug paraphernalia charge can have a lasting impact on an individual’s academic or employment aspirations.

If you have been charged with illegal drug possession or illegal possession of drug paraphernalia, protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for the best possible result in your case. For a vigorous defense in Greenville, Pitt County or the surrounding areas, contact The Jones Law Firm, P.A.

Our firm can help if you have been arrested for a drug charge, including:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia (syringe, rolling papers, scales, etc.)
  • Possession of cocaine/meth/heroin/other illegal drugs

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How Can We Help?

Although drug charges are serious, prosecutors are often willing to be reasonable in drug cases, especially if this is your first defense involving weed or pot. A local Greenville marijuana possession attorney who knows what prosecutors are expecting and what they may be willing to offer in a drug case can be a significant asset.

Our attorney, Steven R. Jones, has extensive experience in criminal law cases, including marijuana possession involving college students. As a local Greenville attorney, Steven Jones has a well-established record in going up against local prosecutors. As a result, Mr. Jones knows what to expect, how to prepare and how to mount a vigorous defense on your behalf.

In many misdemeanor cases, our firm has been able to help clients resolve their case successfully with minimal penalties and without a resulting criminal conviction.

Contact a Skilled North Carolina Drug Paraphernalia Attorney

If you need a vigorous defense to a drug possession or drug paraphernalia charge, contact The Jones Law Firm, P.A., in Greenville, North Carolina.